Method of Payment

All fees are payable to the Consulate General of Bangladesh in New York ONLY and write purchaser’s Name & address in the form of a money order or bank draft or certified / official cheque.

Payments through personal cheques, credit/debit cards or cash are not accepted.

Bank drafts or certified cheques can be obtained from any bank while money orders can be obtained from any post office or selected stores / offices on payment of a nominal charge.

Please note that after receiving the application, all fees are non-refundable even if the applications are withdrawn or services are denied.

Payments can be combined for similar services. For example, if two members of the same family/group apply for urgent processing of a 48-page passport (US $ 165 each), the total fee of US $ 165 X 2 = US$ 330 can be paid through a single money order/bank draft/ certified cheque. Similarly, if four members of a family apply for NVR seal (US $ 50.00 each), they can pay the total fee in a single money order of US $ 200.

Payments can not be combined for different services. For example, a person is applying for two services. Firstly, for 2 year renewal of Bangladesh passport (US $ 44), secondly for endorsement of NVR seal (US $ 50.00). In such a case, the fees have to be paid through two separate money orders /bank draft/certified cheques- one for renewal (US$ 44) and the other for the NVR (US$ 50.00).