Re-Issue Passport

Re-Issue (MRP or Hand Written Passport is not Renewable)

Machine Readable Passport (MRP) is not renewable as done in respect of hand-written passport. The applicant will require to follow the conditions mentioned below . For re-issuance of MRP, the applicant require to bring a set of online submission copy of Application Form submitted electronically along with all supporting documents, deposit applicable fees and appear before the Consulate General for Finger Print (Bio-metrics print) and Digital Photograph.

The following documents are to be submitted for re-issue:

  •  MRP Application Form to be submitted online at
  • Once the submission procedure is completed, The Applicant is required to carry one set of the Form (four pages). Note : A bar-Code will be visible on the print-out of the Form (on the top of it’s right side). No hand written Application Form for MRP is acceptable.
  • One Passport Size recent photograph (taken within last 6 months).
  • Original Digital Birth Registration Certificate (15-17 Digit) with a photocopy. In case of non-availability of such certificate, the Consulate may issue a temporary digital birth certificate (Interim Birth Registration Number, IBRN). An amount of US $6.00 to be paid for the IBRN in the form of Money-Order/Bank Certified Cheque.
  • In case of lost passport, the applicant must submit Original Birth Certificate from his permanent address (City Corporation/Municipality/Union Parishad) duly attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The applicant is required to be present physically at the Consulate to provide Digital Photograph & Finger Print along with the required/above-mentioned documents.
  • Fees : Ordinary Delivery -US$ 110.00 (Approximately 45 working days) AND Urgent Delivery – US$ 220.00 (Approximately 25 Working days).
  • Fees should be only in the form of Money-Order/Bank Certified Cheque. No Cash/Personal Cheque is acceptable.

Mail in Service: Applications for re-issue of passports may be DELIVERED by mail. Considering the efficiency of postal services in the United States, applicants are advised to use mail-in-service to save time and money. When the re-issued passport is “Ready to Pick up” applicant can receive it by mail, sending a returned mail with sufficient stamp, original delivery receipt and original passport.

Please note that the guidelines provided are indicative. The Consulate General reserves the right to ask for any original document at any stage for scrutiny by the Consular Office before rendering any service.