Clarification on and sample text for a "COVID-19 Symptom Free Certificate"

7th May, 2020

The Consulate received a few queries regarding the "COVID-19 Negative certificate", raised by some of the stranded Bangladeshis willing to avail the upcoming special chartered flight of Qatar Airways arranged by the government of Bangladesh.

In this regard, the Consulate would like to share the following clarifications received from the charter company/airline:

i. A passenger does not actually need to go through a physical 'COVID-19 test' to get this certificate.

ii. The passenger can obtain a 'certificate' or "To Whom it May Concern" note from any doctor/medical practitioner/health care provider at any place in USA simply stating that the person has been examined by the doctor/certificate provider and he/she apparently does not have any COVID-19 related symptoms.

iii. As such, the passengers will need to submit a "COVID-19 Symptom free certificate" prior to get on board the special flight.

Hope the above clarification would facilitate the interested passengers in obtaining the "COVID-19 Symptom free certificate" ahead of their travel.

A 'sample text' of such a certificate is attached herewith for your reference and necessary use.

(Sample text of a ‘COVID-19 Symptom free certificate’)

(Official letter head of the doctor/provider)


To whom it May Concern

Ref: -----------------Name (name of the passenger)
D.O.B.------- (date of birth of the passenger)

This is to state that on today’s examination at my office, Mr./Ms. ------------appears to be fit to travel. Apparently, he/she is not affected by any COVID-19 related symptoms.

(Name of the doctor/medical professional/
representative of medical center/health care center)