Resuming the service of Machine-Readable Passport (MRP) reissue for a limited period

10th November, 2022

Resuming the service of Machine-Readable Passport (MRP) reissue for a limited period

Considering the difficulties faced by the expatriate Bangladeshis living within the jurisdiction of the Bangladesh Missions in the USA, the Government of Bangladesh has decided to resume the service of MRP reissue for the sick, elderly, students and working people, particularly the applicants residing in the areas far from the concerned Missions. As per this decision the enrolment of MRP re-issue will be operated till 15 September 2023.

The operation of e-passport service will continue as before. As e-passport has the option of having 10 (ten) years’ validity, the applicants are encouraged to apply for e-passport unless they are unable to come to the Consulate due to unavoidable reasons.

The service of MRP re-issue from the Consulate General of Bangladesh in New York will be provided only by mail. The applicants are not required to come to the Consulate for MRP re-issue. Therefore, no walk-in application is allowed. Those who are able to come in-person to the Consulate are advised to apply for e-passport.

Who are not eligible to apply for MRP re-issue:

Those who have only handwritten passport (no MRP) cannot apply for MRP re-issue. They can apply only for e-passport because they are required to come in-person to the Consulate to submit their biometrics: https://www.bdcgny.org/e-password

The applicants with Bangladeshi passport having more than one year validity can't apply unless proved by a supporting document justifying their legitimate necessity.

Required Documents:

1. Duly filled-in MRP Re-issue Application Form (any change from previous passport must be clearly written in the table of correction in the Form).

2. Most recent Bangladeshi Machine Readable (MRP) passport (original passport) and its photocopy (Photo and Information Pages only). If the most recent MRP is lost, you are required to attach GD/police report containing the number of the lost passport. Original passport will be returned along with the reissued passport. If you want to get it back after the enrolment without waiting till the reissue of passport, please provide an additional prepaid, self-addressed return envelope of USPS with a brief note of request.

3. Recent one copy passport-sized photo of the applicant (please attach with glue on the top left corner of the Form). Applicant under 15 years of old must add his/her father’s and mother’s one copy passport-sized photo (please attach with glue on the top right corner of the Form).

4. Copy of Bangladeshi NID or Birth Registration Certificate.

5. Copy of Dual Nationality Certificate issued by the Government of Bangladesh (if you are a US citizen);

6. Copy of legal status, e.g., valid visa, permanent resident card, or a notarized affidavit that you are not a US citizen;

7. Copy of marriage/divorce certificate (if you want to add or change marital status/spouse name);

8. Relevant supporting document (Academic Certificate/PR Card/Job ID/Student ID/Driving License, etc.), if there is any change in data from the most recent MRP; and

9. Fee: Payable to the “Consulate General of Bangladesh, New York’’; Cash or Personal check or Credit card is not accepted.

(a) Regular: US$ 110 Money Order/Cashier’s Check/Official Check (Expected processing time 60-working days);

(b) Express: US$ 220 Money Order/Cashier’s Check/Official Check (Expected processing time 45-working days).

(NB: Processing time may vary depending on the merit of individual cases)

Service by Mail only:

Applicants are required to send their applications by mail only. They must provide a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope or with appropriate postage stamps and tracking number for Priority/ Express Mail of the United States Postal Service (USPS) only. There must be a separate return envelope for each application because the processing time of each application depends on the merit of each case.

Mailing Address:

Consulate General of Bangladesh in New York

34-18 Northern Boulevard, Ground Floor

Long Island City, New York, NY-11101

Through your email you will be provided with an application enrolment ID (EID) number. Once you get the Enrolment ID from the above link, you can check status at http://passport.gov.bd/OnlineStatus.aspx. However, immediately after the enrolment, if you don't find the update at passport.gov.bd; it means the process at the Consulate end of the MRP software has yet to be completed. Please be noted that it usually takes around two weeks to complete the process in the software at the Consulate end and then it goes to DIP, Dhaka's end when the update at passport.gov.bd becomes available. When the printed passport comes to the Consulate and the process is completed by activating it, you will be notified through email/mobile message.

Special Note:

  1. Validity and pages of MRP: 5 (five) years, 48 pages
  2. Those who have already applied for e-passport, but yet to do enrolment at the Consulate and are now willing to apply for MRP reissue are requested to email their Application Summary with the request for cancellation of their e-passport application to [email protected] so that their appointment slots could be available for other applicants.

For further information or query: [email protected], [email protected]